Setting up Virtual Machine with Loopback Adapter

For instruction on how to install Loopback adapter check my previous post

I already had virtual hard drive, so I reattached it to create a new VM, in order to do setting

Select the VM and click settings

  • My hard drive

  • Memory

  • Networking, on the second adapter I selected Microsoft Loopback Adapter

  • I need to be able to move files between Host and VM and between VMs for that I need a Shared Folders, I also need to be able to copy past between the same. To get these things working I need first install VM Additions

  • To Install VM Additionsà start the VM in my case AD-DNS

On Action Click Install or Update Virtual Machine Additions

  • Click Continue
  • To Login into VM click the right Alt + Delete
  • Logged into VM, opened notepad typed in hello world
  • Back in the host opened Notepad and paste, hello world so copy paste was working
  • I need to set up Shared Folder
  • On the VM click

  • Click OK, Click Share Folder…
  • And select the folder on the host which you want to access and share

  • Check the Internet, click on the internet explorer in the VM, it should not work
  • Setting the loopback adapter properties in the VM
  • Open the network connection the VM

  • Check on the TCP4 properties on the Loopback adapter

  • This is because I am moving this VM from one machine to another, in order to get this to work with my Host Loopback adapter I first check my host loopback adapter.

  • So I am going to modify my VM loopback adapter to

I gave it a specific IP, and the default gateway I changed it to my Host Loopback adapter IP

  • Since this Virtual MC is my DNS I have to set the preferred DNs server to local, so it will complain when I click OK, You will not have to do this if it was a standalone no AD VM

  • Click OK
  • I went back and looked at the TCP property, preferred DNS server was blank I changed it to local host

  • Changed my other VM network adapter (LAC) properties to

  • Check the Internet, it started to work