Code first – Enums Supported in EF June 2011 CTP

Support for enumeration has been one of the long desired requests in Entity Framework. As soon as I saw the June 2011 CTP, I had to test it. Here is what I did

1. I created windows project TestEfJuneCtp


2. I changed the Target framework to “Microsoft Entity Framework June 2011 CTP”


3.    Created a couple of classes project, order and an enumeration ProjectStatusType



4.    Project has a property projectStatus of type ProjectStatusType, this would have been ignored in EF 4.1. meaning when you generate the database projectStatus column would not appear in the project table. Now in the current CTP it does appear of type Int.

5.    Then I set up my Context, I did add reference to v4.2


6.    Using Enums to set values


7.    If you want to set value other than the one in Enum then just Directcast
8.    Since I set projectStatus to InProgress, it is set to 0 in the database column
9.    Get Values from Enum properties


When you do projectEntity.projectStatus it returns “0”, but when you do do projectEntity.projectStatus.ToString it returns “InProgress”

10.    Also the power of enumeration can be more profound when writing code sinec intellisence can pick up the type

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