Setting up Virtual Machine with Loopback Adapter

For instruction on how to install Loopback adapter check my previous post

I already had virtual hard drive, so I reattached it to create a new VM, in order to do setting

Select the VM and click settings

  • My hard drive

  • Memory

  • Networking, on the second adapter I selected Microsoft Loopback Adapter

  • I need to be able to move files between Host and VM and between VMs for that I need a Shared Folders, I also need to be able to copy past between the same. To get these things working I need first install VM Additions

  • To Install VM Additionsà start the VM in my case AD-DNS

On Action Click Install or Update Virtual Machine Additions

  • Click Continue
  • To Login into VM click the right Alt + Delete
  • Logged into VM, opened notepad typed in hello world
  • Back in the host opened Notepad and paste, hello world so copy paste was working
  • I need to set up Shared Folder
  • On the VM click

  • Click OK, Click Share Folder…
  • And select the folder on the host which you want to access and share

  • Check the Internet, click on the internet explorer in the VM, it should not work
  • Setting the loopback adapter properties in the VM
  • Open the network connection the VM

  • Check on the TCP4 properties on the Loopback adapter

  • This is because I am moving this VM from one machine to another, in order to get this to work with my Host Loopback adapter I first check my host loopback adapter.

  • So I am going to modify my VM loopback adapter to

I gave it a specific IP, and the default gateway I changed it to my Host Loopback adapter IP

  • Since this Virtual MC is my DNS I have to set the preferred DNs server to local, so it will complain when I click OK, You will not have to do this if it was a standalone no AD VM

  • Click OK
  • I went back and looked at the TCP property, preferred DNS server was blank I changed it to local host

  • Changed my other VM network adapter (LAC) properties to

  • Check the Internet, it started to work

Installing Microsoft Loopback Adapter on Windows7

  • Start -> search CMD-> right run as administrator
  • Type hdwwiz.exe





  • Under Microsoft choose Microsoft loopback adapter


  • After Installation my Network Connections2 looks like below

  • My LAC3 is my Loopback Adapter, I just going to rename it to Loopback

    LoopBack Adapter is used to communicate between virtual machines and in order to get internet to VM’s, you have to make internet available to Loopback adapter. So here are the set to do that

  • On my wireless Network connection, right click properties, select Sharing

  • Check “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”
  • From the dropdown choose LoopBack
  • Uncheck Allow other network users to control or disable the shared internet connection


  • Now if you look at the TCP4 properties of the LoopBack adapter it would have got the IP address, by default it was Obtain an IP address, now