Deploying SSRS Reports from Development Server to the Test Server or Production

When developers deploy report to SSRS server, they right click the report project set the deployment properties.


Then the select the report, right click deploy.

But in many organization SSRS Security is setup such that no developers can get on Test and Production servers. DBA’s are the only people who can deploy the reports to these servers. Below I explain the process for migrating reports from one server to another.

The information to be sent to DBA’s for Moving a report or other SSRS object from one server to another


1. SSRS Object to be deployed (Source)

· Object Type: Report \ Report Model

· Location : __________________________________________

· File attached :

2. SSRS Object Destination

· Location : __________________________________________

· Data Source to be used: ________________________________________

DBA logs into the Source Reports site


Click on the Report to be migrated in this case Report1, Click Properties tab


Click on the Edit link button in Report Definition section


Click the save button. This saves the RDL file locally

Login to destination server, Navigate to the location mentioned


Click Upload File button


Browse to the location where you saved the rdl file. It automatically populates the name in the 2nd textbox. If there already exists a report with the same name in the current location you have the option overwrite it. Click OK

Now when you click on the report, you will get an error


The reason is we have not mentioned what data source the report needs to use during execution. To set the data source click on the properties and then select Data Sources


If you already have a shared data source you can reuse that by clicking the browse button and selecting the same. Or you can setup a new data source for your report.

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